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At Velocity, we believe that God’s far more interested in relationships than “religion”. The relationship He’s MOST interested in having is the one He has with you and me. To make this possible, He came to live among us through the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a perfect life, taught his friends and enemies alike about the lives they should live and was eventually executed to pay the price for all of humankind’s failures and sin. 


The Bible teaches that it’s by accepting Jesus as our Savior and asking Him to live in us and through us that we literally become “New Creations.”  As Christ-followers, we’re able to make a positive difference in our home, neighborhood and community by serving as His hands and feet on earth.


If you’re interested in chatting with someone about what it means to become a follower of Christ, click HERE to send a message to our staff. We’d love to get back with you about that!

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