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Helping people: We're not a church for just "church" people. In fact, we gather together especially because we want people who don't go to church to have a place to which they can come--and maybe for the first time--discover that following Jesus starts with meeting people where they are: messiness, brokenness, imperfections and all. 


Helping people find Jesus: Here's the thing: every time Jesus spent time with people, he didn't ignore anyone, he didn’t view anyone as being beneath his dignity (accept for some religious folks but that’s a story for another time), or leave them to deal with their messes alone. In fact, sometimes he got downright personal! But instead of condemning anyone, Jesus embodied God's message of hope for all by giving all of himself for us. Ultimately, sharing that message is the why behind everything we do to help others. 


Helping people find Jesus and love God: There are two components to loving God: loving God with everything we have and are, and, loving everyone the way we love ourselves. The tricky part? You can't have one without the other. So when we put everything together that Jesus modeled for us:  first helping others and then sharing the fullness of his grace and truth with others, it will accelerate our journey of faith--a journey we all share--toward a love for God that will impact our lives and the lives of everyone we meet.

our mission

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